Have you noticed images in these famous logos?

Cleverly designed logos that surprise the audience are often well received. The design principle used to design these clever logos is closure.

Closure is a common design technique that uses the human eye’s tendency to see closed shapes.

Here are five well known logos with hidden images which you may or may not spot.

  1. Toblerone

Stare at the left side of the mountain in the logo and you will easily spot a polar bear. It is might seem quite unusual to have a bear in the logo of a brand that produces chocolate bars, but there is a reason behind it.

The bear is incorporated it the logo because Bern, the Swiss capital where the Toblerone bar was created, is called the “City of Bears”. The logo pays tribute to the birthplace of the brand and its product.

2. Fed Ex

Yes, almost everyone knows this. There is a hidden arrow between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’ which depicts speed and moving forward. What is unknown is that a special font had to be created to achieve this perfect arrow closure between the letters.

3. Beats

At first glance the logo looks like a monogram of the brand name’s initial ‘B’. But there is more to it. It is also a image of a person (facing right) using the brand’s product i.e. headphones.

4. NBC

The NBC logo has evolved over time to incorporate the peacock in a very minimal way. The six feathers of the peacock represent the network’s six divisions. To show that the brand has a futuristic vision, the peacock’s beak’s direction has been changed from left to right.

5. Baskin Robins

Baskin Robins wants their customers to enjoy a new flavor of ice cream every day of the month. And this is reflected in their logo. A ‘31’ which represents the 31 flavors for each day is created in the letters Band R in the logo.



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