Making illustrations to solve specific problems or to convey some message in a digital media is something I find very interesting. So, I took a random concept for a app and made a few product illustrations suitable for it.

I imagined a fitness app in which a user can make playlists for their workout. This app allows the user to make combinations of instructions along with music from different types of workouts.

Then I created a very basic interface and considered the pages that could use illustrations.

Visuals are super efficient communicators. So, adding illustrations to communicate indications, announcements etc…

Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash

Cleverly designed logos that surprise the audience are often well received. The design principle used to design these clever logos is closure.

Closure is a common design technique that uses the human eye’s tendency to see closed shapes.

Here are five well known logos with hidden images which you may or may not spot.

  1. Toblerone

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Geometric Art is simply using geometrical principles or taking inspiration from geometry for creating Art in two or three dimension.

The use of geometry in art and decoration began in ancient civilizations all over the world. Intricate patterns of geometrical shapes were made on vases, utensils and ornaments. They were used while creating stone sculptures, paintings, mandalas, interiors of important places etc.

Since then geometry is being used in many ways in art. The modernism moment followed by Bauhaus influence has made geometry very important in all branches of Design as well.

Here are four ways in which you can use geometry to create remarkable and visually pleasing art.

The principles of visual design are immensely useful and effective. They let the viewers understand the visual composition without any impediment.

These principles are being used by humans since the genesis of creation in any form. The principles of visual communication are found in patterns from nature and humans have always been observing and taking inspiration from it.

The Ellora caves and its sculptures being very marvelous and famous monuments, I had to analyze the principles in their design which make them so appealing. I found out some really interesting things.

But first some brief information of the caves :)

If you are someone who is curious about how designers actually design, this book is a perfect read for you. The primary focus of the book is understanding how designers think and work.


The author Nigel Cross is a British academic, a design researcher and educator. Cross helped clarify and develop the concept of design thinking as a domain independent discipline. ‘Designerly ways of knowing’(2006) and ‘Engineering Design Methods’(2008) are few of his other renowned books.


The book provides knowledge for better understanding rather than rules. Through evidences from case studies of designers and their prominent…

Temple from Gupta period; Image : Wikimedia commons

The Gupta period existed between mid 3rd century CE to 6th CE and covered most of the Indian subcontinent. This period not only saw the defense and expansion by the Gupta kings but also a significant rise in the achievements in the fields of architecture, art, science, politics, literature and trade with faraway empires.

Kalidasa who is regarded as ancient India’s greatest author wrote his most celebrated works in the Gupta period. Several medieval records state that he was a court poet in the legendary king Vikramaditya Chandragupta II’s court. …

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