My process of making Product Illustrations for a (imaginary)Fitness App

Making illustrations to solve specific problems or to convey some message in a digital media is something I find very interesting. So, I took a random concept for a app and made a few product illustrations suitable for it.

I imagined a fitness app in which a user can make playlists for their workout. This app allows the user to make combinations of instructions along with music from different types of workouts.

Then I created a very basic interface and considered the pages that could use illustrations.

Visuals are super efficient communicators. So, adding illustrations to communicate indications, announcements etc. makes the user experience more easy, effortless and pleasurable.

I considered many elements, color schemes and metaphors and finally made what you are about to see. Here are the illustrations on various pages.

Product Illustration by the author.
Product Illustration by the author.
Product Illustration by the author.


The purpose of the app is to help the user complete their workout goal. So when the user is able to complete their workout consistently, they will feel healthy, refreshed, happy.…..basically on cloud nine. I incorporated this metaphor in all the illustrations. When the user will finish their daily workout, they might relate with the character from the illustration who is in the clouds.


The illustrations are kept very minimal as they will be viewed on small screens as it is a mobile app. The contrast color scheme is kept across all the illustrations to ensure consistency. Even though the illustrations are metaphorical they have elements from the basic theme of fitness.

Let me know what you think about the end result!

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